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Psalm 17:8 - Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.

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Valentina Photos


Valentina's Pure and Holy, Elegant Photo Gallery

Godly, Holy, Upright, Clean, Pure, Undefiled, Sanctified (set apart and made holy for God) Child of God and Precious in God's sight!
I love purity, and I live a holy life with abstinence in all aspects!

Definitely NO drinking, no smoking, no drugs, no fat, no tattoos, no plastic surgery, no mutilation, no body piercing, no nudity, no lingerie, no filthy pornography, no prostitution!

I love to look and feel healthy and alive! You may look but please don't touch!

All Website Portrait Photos & Photo Gallery Images may be viewed on screen only
Altering, downloading, printing, copying, distribution, or any other use is strictly prohibited and the Judgment of God is upon you!

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Composition/Lyrics/Vocals & Website:
Valentina Moza

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