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2 Thessalonians 3:16 - Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way.
The Lord be with all of you.

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Printable Calendars, Funny Pictures, Letters, T Shirts, Notepad, Postcards, And Other Stationery

Printable Calendars For 2011, 2012 And Beyond, Including Funny Pictures, Letters,
T Shirts, Notepad, Postcards, Free Printable Cards, Calendars To Print, Envelopes, Banners, Adhesives, Bumper Stickers, Brochures, Thank You Notes, And Other Stationery With High Quality Images Of God's Beautiful Creation With Scriptures.

You will find many awesome high-quality images in the categories of: Sunset And Sky, Mountains, Winterscapes, Rockscapes, Desert, Waterscapes, Landscapes, Forests, Flowers, Wilderness, Tropical, And Fire And Ice.

You will find a selection of the most awesome views of God's beautiful creation with Scriptures that may be instantly downloaded.
Whether you're looking for printable calendars for 2012 and beyond, funny pictures, letters, t-shirts, notepad, postcards, free printable cards, calendars to print, envelopes, banners, adhesives, bumper stickers, brochures, thank you notes, bookmarks, banners, prayer cards, or other stationery - you have come to the best place!  

Please feel free to download and distribute the printable calendars and other merchandise (free of charge) throughout the world (with the website information intact). Also, you may attach the printable calendars and other merchandise to your email and send them to everyone you know. This will help to further spread the word of God!

Printable Calendars, Funny Pictures, Letters, T Shirts, Notepad, Postcards, Free Printable Cards, Calendars To Print, Envelopes, Banners, Adhesives, Bumper Stickers, Brochures, Thank You Notes, And Other High Quality Stationery

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Calendars Self-Adhesives for Book Coverings
Banners T-Shirts (images & scriptures)
Stickers T-Shirts (scriptures only)
Booklets and Brochures Bookmarks
Greeting Cards/Postcards Mousepads
Letters/Envelopes Stationery Notepads
Prayer Cards Tracts
Dream Diaries Signs


2011 Calendar


2012 Calendar


2013 Calendar

2014 Calendar



(print onto avery label #3113)


The following promotional scriptural materials from God's word, the Holy Bible,
make perfect booklets and brochures.

Greeting Cards/Postcards

Letters Stationery

Envelopes Stationery

Self-Adhesives For Book Coverings

T-Shirts (images & scriptures)

T-Shirts (scriptures only)




Prayer Cards

Printable Dream Diaries

Printable dream diaries for you to record information such as - date/time, title/theme, dream description and interpretation. If you run out of space, you may need to print extra copies of pages 2 and 3. 
Don't disregard dreams, as they may be one of the methods that God uses to communicate important (even life-saving) messages/information to you, that you may not otherwise know. It's a good idea to keep a diary or notebook on the bedside table, where you can immediately record any dreams you may have.

1. If you receive a message on screen: "open with different viewer," click that message.
2. Click "save file."




Placing signs over every door in your home, will also protect it from evil spirits.

Vertical signs with different style fonts - with both red and white backgrounds.

Horizontal signs with different style fonts - with both red and white backgrounds.

Inspirational Tracts

Encouraging, comforting, inspirational and educational gospel tracts.
Please feel free to make copies of the tracts and distribute them (free of charge)
Tracts can be handed to people directly and/or left in airports, apartments, banks, bus terminals, train stations, phone booths, offices, shops and shopping centres, markets, garage sales, petrol stations, greeting cards, lifts, escalators, bulletin boards, colleges and many other different places.

1. Print the first page on one side (front)
2. Print the second page on the other side (back).
3. Fold page in half.

The front column contains the title and image.
The two inside columns contain text.
The back column contains the scriptural references and website information.

(Adobe acrobat reader is required - please click here)

Who Through Faith
(new - revised)

Powerful And Effective Prayer

(new - revised)

Repent Or Perish!
(new - revised)

Are You Born Again? (new - revised)

God's Attributes, Qualities & Characteristics
(new - revised)

Awesome And Exalted:
Battle Of The Great Day Of God Almighty!

Baptism: Requirement For Salvation? (new - revised)

Crucifixion And Resurrection

Holy Spirit: God's Infinite & Transforming Power (new)

Encourage And Inspire

Fear God

Secret Rapture Or Place Of Safety?

Divine Health And Healing (new)

Heavenly Signs
Introduce the Day of The Lord (new)

Hell & Unquenchable Fire!
(new - revised)

Is Your Soul Immortal?

Justice And Righteousness

Light Of The World

Living Hope

Miracles, Signs And Wonders

Parable Of The Sower (new)

Praise And Worship

Return Of Jesus Christ - Glorious And Imminent  (new)

Seventh-Day Sabbath
(new - revised)

The Greatest Commandment
(new - revised)

Ten Commandments (new)

Will You Go To Heaven?
updated (1/12/21)

Will You Inherit The Kingdom of God? (new)

Visions And Dreams

Intimacy With God
(new - revised)

Precious Blood Of Jesus Wonder Working Power!
(new - revised)

Signs Of The End Of The Age
(new) updated 1/1/22

God Controls The Weather! (new)

Wisdom, Knowledge And Understanding

Trinity Is It Biblical?

No Idols!
(new - revised)

(new - revised)

Church And The Great Commission

Power Of Fasting (new - revised)

Curses (new)

Supremacy And Authority

Mysterious God:
Who Is God?

Exposing And Destroying Witchcraft

You Can Be Set Free! (new)

Dietary Laws (new)

Dangers Of The Occult: Exposed

God's Holy Days or Human Tradition? (new - revised)

You Shall Not Commit Adultery!

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

Who Are Angels?
(coming soon)


Composition/Lyrics/Vocals & Website:
Valentina Moza

copyright 2003-2013 and throughout eternity Valentina Moza (GodzAngel)
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