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Mark 16:15 - And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race].

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Download Free Gospel Tracts Online

download free gospel tracts online. Download and read free gospel tracts online on a wide variety of Biblical themes.

Download the following free gospel tracts that will inspire you in your calling and relationship with God.

Read free Inspirational gospel tracts and free how to books online with a range of different biblical themes to help you grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

The educational and inspirational
free gospel tract downloads are beautifully presented with awesome images, scriptures and text that is clear, easy to read, understand and memorize, well explained and straight to the point. Download free tracts online with a range of bible themes including the following titles:

'Who Through Faith,' 'Powerful and Effective Prayer,' 'Repent Or Perish,' Are You  Born Again?,' 'God's Attributes, Qualities and Characteristics,' 'Awesome And Exalted,' 'Baptism,' 'Crucifixion And Resurrection,' 'Divinity And Holiness,' 'Encourage And Inspire,' 'Fear The Lord,' 'Fortress, Refuge And Shelter,' 'Health And Healing,' 'Heavenly Signs,' 'Hell And Unquenchable Fire,' 'Is Your Soul Immortal,' Justice And Righteousness,' 'Light Of The World,' 'Living Hope,' 'Miracles, Signs And Wonders,' 'Parable Of The Sower,' 'Praise And Worship,' 'Glorious And Imminent Return Of Jesus Christ,' 'Seventh-Day Sabbath,' 'The Greatest Commandment,' 'Ten Commandments,' 'Will You Go To Heaven?,' 'Will You Inherit The Kingdom Of God?,' 'Visions And Dreams,' 'Intimacy With God,' 'Precious Blood Of Jesus - Wonder Working Power!' 'Signs Of The End Of The Age,' 'God Controls The Weather,' 'Wisdom, Knowledge And Understanding,' 'Trinity, Is It Biblical?' 'No Idols!' 'Blessing','Church And The Great Commission,' 'Fasting,' 'Curses,' 'Supremacy And Authority,' 'Mysterious God,' 'Place Of Safety,' 'You Can Be Set Free!' And 'Dietary Laws.'

Read Free EBooks Online With Different Biblical Themes To Help You Grow In Wisdom, Knowledge And Understanding Of The Bible. Educational And Inspirational Topics On God's Attributes, Intimacy With God, Health And Healing, Faith, Hell And Unquenchable Fire, And Many More!

Read books free online that are encouraging, comforting, inspirational and educational and will help you begin to grow spiritually and mature, strengthen, and increase in faith as you make prayer and bible study a daily habit, and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit.

The free e books/tracts are educational and informative and will teach you more about the Holy Bible. You will discover the true Gospel and learn precious Biblical truths that are not preached in many lukewarm churches today. For example, the Gospel "Good News" is about the soon coming Kingdom of God to be established here on the earth, (which means the end of all human governments that have failed miserably), and about the imminent return of Jesus Christ who will rule as King of kings and Lord of lords. The Gospel is not just about Christ, but also what He stood for - the Commandments of God, which must be upheld, obeyed, and taught throughout the world, as part of the Great Commission that Jesus Christ commanded His True Church to continue up until His Return.

You will learn about the Supreme God, the Creator of the Universe - who He is, in terms of Attributes, Qualities and Characteristics; His Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience.

Read free online books and how to books that will help you in your daily Christian walk, relationship and fellowship with Almighty God! You will learn how to begin, build up, develop and strengthen the bond in your relationship with the Lord, and how to demonstrate your love for Him.

Please feel free to make copies of the free ebooks/tracts and distribute them free of charge with the image, title, text, and website information intact. They can be handed to people directly and/or left in airports, apartments, banks, bus terminals, train stations, phone booths, offices, shops and shopping centres, markets, garage sales, petrol stations, greeting cards, lifts, escalators, bulletin boards, colleges, kindergartens and child care centres, high schools, prisons, nursing homes, mail boxes and many other different places.

(Adobe acrobat reader is required - please click here)

Free E-Books/Tracts Download Instructions:


1) The gospel tracts are in PDF format.
Click to download adobe acrobat reader.
2) To download click on each corresponding image (left mouse click).
3) Use ctrl + on your keyboard to zoom in to the text. 


1) Print the first page on one side (front).
2) Print the second page on the other side (back).
3) Fold page in half.

Front column contains title and image.
Two inside columns contain text.
Back column contains scriptural references and website information.

Please feel free to download and distribute the free ebooks (free of charge) throughout the world (with the website information intact). Also, you may attach the free ebooks to your email and send them to everyone you know. This will help to further spread the word of God!

Old Testament Abbreviation New Testament Abbreviation
Genesis Gen, Ge, Gn Matthew Matt, Mt
Exodus Exod, Ex Mark Mk
Leviticus Lev, Lv Luke Lk
Numbers Num, Nu, Nm John Jn
Deuteronomy Deut, Dt Acts Ac
Joshua Josh, Jos, Jo Romans Rom, Ro
Judges Judg, Jdg, Jgs 1 Corinthians 1 Cor, Co
Ruth Ru 2 Corinthians 2 Cor, Co
1 Samuel 1 Sam, Sm, Sa Galatians Gal
2 Samuel 2 Sam, Sm, Sa Ephesians Eph
1 Kings 1 Kgs, Ki Philippians Php, Phil
2 Kings 2 Kgs, Ki Colossians Col
1 Chronicles 1 Chron, Chr, Ch 1 Thessalonians 1 Thess, Thes, Th
2 Chronicles 2 Chron, Chr, Ch 2 Thessalonians 2 Thess, Thes, Th
Ezra Ezr 1 Timothy 1 Tim, Tm, Ti
Nehemiah Neh, Ne 2 Timothy 2 Tim, Tm, Ti
Esther Est Titus Tit, Ti
Job Jb Philemon Philem, Phlm, Phm
Psalms Ps Hebrews Heb
Proverbs Prov, Prv, Pr James Jas
Ecclesiastes Eccles, Eccl, Ecc 1 Peter 1 Pet, Pt, Pe
Song of Songs Song of Sol, Sg, SS 2 Peter 2 Pet, Pt, Pe
Isaiah Isa, Is 1 John 1 Jn
Jeremiah Jer 2 John 2 Jn
Lamentations Lam, La 3 John 3 Jn
Ezekiel Ezek, Eze, Ez Jude Jude
Daniel Dan, Dn, Da Revelation Rev, Rv
Hosea Hos  
Joel Jl
Amos Am
Obadiah Obad, Ob
Jonah Jon, Jnh
Micah Mic, Mi
Nahum Nah, Na
Habakkuk Hab, Hb
Zephaniah Zeph, Zep
Haggai Hag, Hg
Zechariah Zech, Zec
Malachi Mal


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Who Through Faith
(new - revised)

Powerful And Effective Prayer

(new - revised)

Repent Or Perish!
(new - revised)

Are You Born Again? (new - revised)

God's Attributes, Qualities & Characteristics
(new - revised)

Awesome And Exalted:
Battle Of The Great Day Of God Almighty!

Baptism: Requirement For Salvation? (new - revised)

Crucifixion And Resurrection

Holy Spirit: God's Infinite & Transforming Power (new)

Encourage And Inspire

Fear God

Secret Rapture Or Place Of Safety?

Divine Health And Healing (new)

Heavenly Signs
Introduce the Day of The Lord (new)

Hell & Unquenchable Fire!
(new - revised)

Is Your Soul Immortal?

Justice And Righteousness

Light Of The World

Living Hope

Miracles, Signs And Wonders

Parable Of The Sower (new)

Praise And Worship

Return Of Jesus Christ - Glorious And Imminent  (new)

Seventh-Day Sabbath
(new - revised)

The Greatest Commandment
(new - revised)

Ten Commandments (new)

Will You Go To Heaven?
updated (1/12/21)

Will You Inherit The Kingdom of God? (new)

Visions And Dreams
(new & updated)

Intimacy With God
(new - revised)

Precious Blood Of Jesus Wonder Working Power!
(new - revised)

Signs Of The End Of The Age
(new) updated 1/1/22

God Controls The Weather! (new)

Wisdom, Knowledge And Understanding

Trinity Is It Biblical?

No Idols!
(new - revised)

(new - revised)

Church And The Great Commission

Power Of Fasting (new - revised)

Curses (new)

Supremacy And Authority

Mysterious God:
Who Is God?

Exposing And Destroying Witchcraft

You Can Be Set Free! (new)

Dietary Laws (new)

Dangers Of The Occult: Exposed

God's Holy Days or Human Tradition? (new - revised)

You Shall Not Commit Adultery!

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

Who Are Angels?
(coming soon)


Composition/Lyrics/Vocals & Website:
Valentina Moza

copyright 2003-2013 and throughout eternity Valentina Moza (GodzAngel)
All rights reserved.