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Mark 16:15 - And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race].

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Free Full Music Videos To Watch And Download

Download And Watch Free Full Music Videos Of Beautifully Presented, Unique, High Quality Music, With Awesome Images Of God's Beautiful Creation With Scriptures for you to gain more Biblical knowledge and insight in an encouraging, comforting, inspirational way, and for your viewing pleasure.

Download Free Full Music Videos that will help you grow spiritually. Watch, Learn and memorize Scriptures from the Bible in an exciting new way!

You will find a variety of Biblical Themes such as: Attributes, Qualities and Characteristics of God, Awesome And Exalted, Blessings, Blood Of Jesus, Creation, Crown And Enthroned, Divinity And Holiness, Encouragement, Eternal Life, Extol, Faith In God, Fear The Lord, Fortress, Refuge And Shelter, Gospel, Health And Healing, Heavenly Signs, Immortality, Jesus Christ, Justice And Righteousness, Kingdom Of God, Light Of The World, Living Hope, Majesty And Glory, Mighty Wrath, Miracles, Signs And Wonders, Money, Wealth And Riches, Mysterious God, Passion And Devotion For God, Patience, Endurance And Perseverance, Power And Strength, Praise And Worship, Prayer, Promises Of God, Prophecy, Prosperity, Protection, Purity And Purification, Radiance, Repentance, Sabbath, Safety And Security, Salvation And Redemption, Sanctified And Justified, Spiritual Battle, Splendor And Beauty, Success And Victory (Godly), Supremacy And Authority Of God, Ten Commandments, Thanksgiving, Transfiguration, Treasures, Wisdom, Knowledge And Understanding, Wisdom Of God, Work And Workmanship, Zeal, Fervor And Enthusiasm ...

The Free Full Music Videos Are Beautifully Presented With Stunning Images such as:
Awesome Sky Images Including Sunrise And Sunset, Mountains, Winterscapes, Rockscapes, Desert, Waterscapes, Landscapes, Forests, Trees, National Parks, Flowers, Plants And Gardens, Wilderness, Tropical, And Fire And Ice.

Download Free Full Music Videos And Watch Music Videos For Free - Free Music Video Download Instructions:

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Please feel free to download and distribute the free music videos (free of charge) throughout the world (with the website information intact).
Also, you may attach the free music videos to your email and send them to everyone you know. This will help to further spread the word of God!

If you have a Christian website, please feel free to include a banner link (preferably) or text link: www.godzangelmusic.com/weblinks.html

Awesome & Exalted Blessings Creation Divinity & Holiness
Encouragement Eternal Life Faith in God Gospel
Kingdom of God Majesty & Glory Mighty Wrath Miracles, Signs & Wonders
Mysterious God Passion & Devotion for God Praise & Worship Prayer
Success & Victory (godly) Supremacy & Authority of God Wisdom of God



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Revelation 8:2; 1 Corinthians 14:8;
1 Corinthians 15:52 (KJV)

Psaltery Psalm 150:1-6 (KJV)
Harp Psalm 43:4, Revelation 14:2 (KJV)
Viol Isaiah 5:12 (KJV)
Timbrel or Tabret Psalm 68:25 (KJV)
Tambourines Psalm 81:2; Isaiah 30:32 (NIV)
Stringed Instruments Psalm 33:2 (KJV)
Organs Genesis 4:21 (KJV)
Cymbals 1 Chronicles 15:19, 28 (KJV)
Flutes 1 Samuel 10:5; 1 Kings 1:40 (NIV)
Lyres 1 Samuel 10:5 (NIV)
Lutes 1 Samuel 18:6; 2 Chronicles 20:28 (NIV)
Sistrums 2 Samuel 6:5 (NIV)
Sound of Cornet 1 Chronicles 15:28 (KJV)
Pipes Isaiah 30:29 (KJV)
Horns Psalm 98:6 (NIV)


* Lute is a guitar-like instrument of the 14th-17th centuries.
* Lyre is an ancient musical instrument with strings in a U-shaped frame.
* Sistrum is a percussion instrument. A rattle (castanets) consisting of a wood, metal or clay frame set loosely with crossbars (often hung with jingles) that sound when the instrument is shaken.
* Psaltery is a stringed instrument of the harp family.
* Timbrel or tabret is a percussion instrument, similar to the modern tambourine.
* Organ is a seven-to-ten pipe wind instrument.
* Cornet is a brass instrument similar to the trumpet.


I love to present the Gospel in a creative, encouraging and inspirational way! Psalm 150 mentions to praise God with loud songs and percussion. For example, trumpets and clash of cymbals (these are definitely loud instruments) and tambourines. 

I serve God (who is my first love and priority number one) and make the best use of my time. I don't waste my time on hopeless, useless, worthless things online or offline. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, I aim for godly perfection. I'm not interested in being approved or accepted by the world!

I avoid clubs, drugs, smoking, alcohol, greed, debauchery, slander, witchcraft, impurity, filthy language, all kinds of evil, idolatry and immorality and I'm not a friend of or with the world. I also use a filtered Christian ISP.
I don't listen to the radio or watch tv at all. (It is pollution for the mind!)
I live a godly life with prayer and bible study, and I love to view God's Awesome, Miracles, Signs and Wonders! I also love to plant good seeds (For example, by encouraging others to repentance, building up their faith, helping them in their relationship with God, and inspiring/comforting them).

My advice to anyone whose starting in ministry is perseverance (never give up), though the world may try to discourage. There is definitely a living hope for those who are in Christ Jesus amidst this hopeless world!

God bless the faithful remnant who are my Christian brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!



Composition/Lyrics/Vocals & Website:
Valentina Moza

copyright 2003-2013 and throughout eternity Valentina Moza (GodzAngel)
All rights reserved.