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I hope that all you righteous people are praying for justice and righteousness, because there is a lot of injustice in the world today, and the topic of INJUSTICE is one of my primary concerns.
A lot of questions run through my mind, and one of them is, if God is a God of justice and righteousness
(Ps 97:2), as the Bible states He is, then why do we see so much injustice in the scriptures and in the world today? Why did God allow Abel to be slain by Cain? It is distressing
to me, when I read about wicked people killing righteous people, such as Abel in
Gen 4:8. We see that wicked people take advantage of, steal, kill and destroy innocent people, including children.
What about righteous John the Baptist? Why did God allow his head to be chopped off as demanded by a wicked girl, daughter of Herodias, who married her granduncle? Why did God deliver John the Baptist's life into the hands of his adversaries? Would you as a righteous person like to have God deliver you into the hands of your adversaries, so that they can do whatever they please with your life and make a mockery of you, and even kill you? I think absolutely not!
(Mark 6:22-24).
Look at the example of Job. What on earth did Job do to deserve such a calamity? There were really no grounds for satan to operate in his life, and yet we find in scripture, that God allowed Satan to literally destroy Job's life. How? Well for those of you who don't know, among other things, satan smote poor Job with sore boils from the soles of his feet to his head
Job 2:7-8. Job was a righteous man, feared God, and shunned evil. So, what was the problem? The KJV Study Bible states in Job 1:9 that '"the accuser" boldly accuses the man God commends. He says Job's righteousness, in which God delights is self-serving - the heart of Satan's attack on God and His faithful servant in the book of Job.' Job was righteous, but He was not self-serving. God is omniscient (He is all-knowing, and has foreknowledge). He knows the heart and mind of man. There was really no reason to go to this extent and kill Job's family - seven sons and three daughters.  Scriptures say that Job was tested. Would you as a Christian like to face such a trial, where you have sore boils all over your body and your children are killed? Tell me which Christian would like to accept a trial like this one? Would you be able to pass such a test?

Witchcraft is rampant, and innocent people are being destroyed and killed by it around the world. (According to
Hosea 4:6, God states that people are destroyed for lack of spiritual knowledge).
It doesn't seem like God cares about all the evil that is happening in the world. He has chosen a hands off approach for 6,000 years, and this period of time has been allotted to man for his self-rule, or misrule rather. This is so man can learn his lesson the hard way, that mankind cannot accomplish peace. But has mankind really learned his lesson in nearly 6,000 years? NO! He
keeps on going his own way, and hasn't learned anything about peace, but continues to make
war and conflicts rage around the world! In the meantime, how many righteous people, including innocent children have been slain since the days of Cain and Abel, to the present day? Satan, demons, witches and warlocks cannot operate in a righteous person's life, unless God allows them to do so. And why would He? Why would God who is described in the Bible as being just and righteous, allow Satan, or anyone else for that matter, to create havoc in the world? Does it bring Him satisfaction to see righteous people suffer, while the wicked prosper?

I believe that God desires to illustrate the stark contrast between the suffering here on earth now, under satan's rule as "the god of this age"
2 Cor 4:4,
and what it will be like under God's rule here on earth, when He establishes His glorious Kingdom where peace will forever reign!
2 Pe 1:11

Although God has chosen a hands-off approach in this age, God can choose to intervene in
certain situations, according to His will, and He does intervene when His chosen ones (elect) cry out to Him day and night for help, as the
'Parable of the Persistent widow and the Judge' illustrates in
Lk 18:7-8, And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. God promises to punish those involved in witchcraft, according to Is 47.

I'm sure that many righteous people, out of their own personal experiences, agree to the fact that God may not prevent the righteous from getting into a particular situation, but then He rescues them out of that situation, as He promises in Ps 91:14-16 "Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him,
and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation."

In the
'Parable of the Persistent Widow and the Judge' (Lk 18:1-8), the widow who cried out day and night, and persisted on requesting justice, was granted justice by even that corrupt judge.
Lk 18:7-8
, And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly.
 Yes! God continues to grant us justice, and continues to punish all our enemies. But can you tell me what will stop them from continuously attacking people all around the world? What do you think will stop evil people from committing evil acts?

I'm sure that many righteous people around the world have their stories about how God miraculously intervened in their lives. God has performed many life-saving miracles for us, and has rescued us out of many difficult and dangerous situations, including fires, floods, earthquakes, and other major disasters, accidents, trucks, robberies, and the list goes on.

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to God whom I love with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. I continue to remain steadfast in the faith (
Ps 7:15-16; Ps 9:15-16; Ps 37:14-15; Ps 57:6; Pr 26:27). God alone is worthy of all glory, honor and praise! No matter who you are, witch or warlock, wizard, sorcerer or sorceress, and how well educated you are in the mental faculties
of this world, the anti-witchcraft prayers are powerful and effective, as all you Christians (who are arrogantly looked down upon by the people of this world) out there have demonstrated!
1 Cor 1:28.


It was NOT the moral law (ten commandments) that was nailed to the cross. Only the ceremonial (sacrificial) laws of the Old Testament were abolished, because the blood of goats and bulls could not take away sin (Heb 10:4). But they were a reminder of the Israelites' sins, and were a temporary substitute for the blood of Christ. The sacrificial law - NOT the commandments, judgments, and statutes - is the law that was "added because of transgressions" (Gal 3:19). This system of sacrificial laws were abolished by Christ's sacrifice, because only Christ's sacrifice could redeem us from all our sins. It was not God's spiritual law that was abolished. Jesus perfect sacrifice, once for all, nullifies the sacrificial laws of the Old Testament, not the requirement to keep God's commandments (Heb 10:7-9). God's spiritual law was in force well before Mount Sinai and the Old Covenant. 

Even though, only by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ we have unmerited pardon for our sins, Christians are still required to keep God's laws as stated in:

Ro 3:31 - Do we, then, nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law. (Also read Romans chapter 6). 

Christ's death on the cross empowers us, through the divine grace of God, to keep the commandments (Eph 2:15). 

The apostle Paul said that the doers of God's law are justified before God (not the hearers) (Ro 2:13). 

Keeping the Ten Commandments is a requirement for salvation. It will not earn our salvation. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and His perfect sacrifice (Eph 2:5,8). God's gift of salvation is designed to bring us in line with His will (Mt 7:21;1 Cor 7:19). God's will for our lives is to obey His commandments. We are to demonstrate our faith in God by obediently doing His will (Heb 5:8-9). 

Many believe that if we just accept Jesus into our hearts then we are guaranteed eternal life. In Mt 19:17-19, Jesus clearly states what we must do to inherit the Kingdom of God. 

The rich young man asked Jesus "what shall I do to enter life?" Jesus replied "If you want to enter life, keep the commandments." (Mt 19:17-19). Jesus elaborated on the Old Testament commandments in the New Testament. It is not enough to confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we must do what God says. 

A true Christian will strive to obey God, and walk as Christ walked. We must be imitators of God (1 Jn 2:4; 3 Jn 1:11). God imparts His love through His Spirit, which will lead us to keep His commandments (Ro 13:8-10). Jesus said in Jn 14:15 - “If you love me, keep my commands.

The grace of God does not give one a license to sin
(Jude 1:4). Those who turn the grace of our God into a license for immorality are called false teachers. Teaching that Christ nailed the Ten Commandments to the cross is a false teaching. Teaching that we don't need to keep the commandments, because Christ kept them on our behalf, is a false teaching. Christ certainly did keep the commandments, to set an example for us Christians to follow. But Christ came to fulfill (establish) the law, not to abolish it! (Mt 5:17).

In Heb 6:4-8 & Heb 10:26-29, there are strong warning messages against falling away. Scripture teaches that those who have been called by God, and given spiritual understanding of His truth (have been enlightened), and deliberately and habitually live in blatant sin, and willful (intentional) rebellion against God, have become apostates, who have fallen away from the faith. In this state, it is impossible for those people to be brought back to repentance. They are compared to land that produces thorns and thistles and is worthless, and is in danger of being cursed, and their destiny is hell!

Romans 3:31 (NKJV) mentions: "we establish the law!"

"Do we then make void the law through faith? Certainly not! On the contrary, we establish the law."

Romans 3:31 (NIV) mentions: "we uphold the law!"

"Do we, then, nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law."

Romans 3:31 (Amplified version) mentions: 

"Do we then by [this] faith make the Law of no effect, overthrow it or make it a dead letter? Certainly not! On the contrary, we confirm and establish and uphold the Law."

Regarding the passage in: 

Gal 3:13 - Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”[a]),

What is the curse of the law? The curse is not the law. The curse is the penalty imposed for disobeying the law. Gal 3:13 is a condensed scriptural reference of an Old Testament passage in Dt 21:22-23, which specifically states who is cursed and why. 

In the Old Testament, those guilty of a capital offense deserved the death penalty. They were put on public display before all as convicted, cursed sinners, as we read in:
Dt 21:22-23 - “If a man has committed a sin deserving of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree, his body shall not remain overnight on the tree, but you shall surely bury him that day, so that you do not defile the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance; for he who is hanged is accursed of God.

All human beings have sinned. Therefore, we all deserved the death penalty.
But Jesus Christ, who was perfect in every way, and without sin, bore all of our sins on the cross. He bore the full curse - the full death penalty that we all deserved for our sins. He was hung on a tree as a convicted criminal. He paid the price in our stead, so that we "might live for righteousness."

1 Peter 2:24 - who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.

Regarding Blogspot - www.the-end-time.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/is-there-connection-between-australia.html

All your witchcraft is useless, hopeless and worthless, and will not save you in the day of God's Great and Mighty Wrath!! The Supreme God Is Powerful! I Love God and Jesus Christ My Precious Lord and Savior!

Scripture teaches us that the wicked do plot against righteous people:

Psalm 37:12 -The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.
Psalm 37:32 - The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him.
Proverbs 12:2 - A good man obtaineth favour of the Lord: but a man of wicked devices will he condemn.
Proverbs 26:27 -
Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.

When wicked people scheme against righteous people, they usually do so in secret
Psalm 64. It was a very foolish thing for them to reveal themselves to me, and also reveal information to me, such as the fact that my prayers are powerful and effective (by using fear and intimidation tactics, so that I would stop with prayer), and that they have been spying upon me (by coming to my address). In my case, their evil plans against me were backfiring upon them, and that is also why they came to my address (at midnight), because it was a very urgent matter for them, and they were left without any other option, but to either repent or to personally come to me with their evil intentions. This happened after I was continuously praying the powerful anti-witchcraft prayers, which I've been praying for many years now - download anti-witchcraft prayer 1 & download anti-witchcraft prayer 2.
I highly recommend that you commit yourselves to a life of prayer and fasting, and stick to the schedule of prayer 3 times a day (make it a habit). Persevere with patience. Always walk by faith, not by sight. The crucial first step is repentance. You can be certain that I will continue with prayer and fasting for the rest of my life. It is one of my super, top-priority ambitions. Please pray for more Christian prayer warriors. Prayer is not something you do whenever you feel like it or when you get the time. Prayer is number one priority. Prayer is commitment and perseverance, and you make time every day. What kind of perseverance and commitment is required? Since the first day I started with the anti-witchcraft prayers back in 2005, I have not missed one single day of prayer.

Foolish witches and warlocks who trusted so much in their evil deeds, came to my window as a last resort, because their witchcraft was useless, hopeless and worthless, and it backfired upon them many times over! You think you are great magicians (grandioso), and that you can control people's lives with all your magic spells? No. You are mere mortals, of the dust of the earth, and you won't be controlling mine! Their evil can return upon their own heads even up to 100 fold (one hundred times) and more. If they hadn't sent witchcraft, it wouldn't have returned to them many times over. I heard one of the witch enemies going around all the nearby streets in my area with a long, anguishing and wailing cry - aaaaaaaaaaagh! aaaaaaaaaaaagh! aaaaaaaaaaaagh! aaaaaaaaaaaagh! aaaaaaaaaaaagh! aaaaaaaaaaaagh! aaaaaaaaaaaagh!
The more you try to send witchcraft (and you can try until you are blue in the face), the more it will backfire upon you, and the more you will experience God's mighty wrath! All your witchcraft has backfired not just upon you witches and warlocks, but upon the whole nation. All your advisers cannot save you from the coming great wrath of God! They cannot even save themselves! Since this so-called religion "Wicca" is the fastest growing in Australia, and around the world, we true and faithful Christians must pray and fast all the more! God punishes even whole nations, if anyone comes against His chosen, anointed and precious children. Witchcraft is an abominable and detestable practice in God's sight! In the Old Testament, the punishment for witchcraft was death -
Exodus 22:18. Therefore, God takes this vile practice very, very seriously. Those who practice witchcraft will not inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of God. All that you can do now is, and God commands you: TO REPENT! Pass it on!
Encouraging, informative, inspiring and educational materials and resources:




Excellent book:
'Destroying Works Of Witchcraft Through Fasting And Prayer'
by Ruth Brown. Highly Recommended. I ordered this book back in 2005, and began with the anti-witchcraft prayers in the same year. The witches and warlocks came to my window in late 2007.
Other resources:

Note: Children of God must expose all evil, for the purpose of warning people to repent, and warning others about what will happen to them, if they join in with the wicked, in their evil schemes. Pr 13:20 mentions that the companion of fools suffers harm. Arguments, quarrels and bashings can happen as a result of things not turning out according to evil plans.
Reasons Why To Live A Life Of Celibacy And Abstinence From Fornication
See Tract: "You Shall Not Commit Adultery!"

There are a myriad of reasons why to abstain from all forms of sexual relations. I live a life of both celibacy and abstinence from fornication.

* Scripture says to flee from fornication. Fornicators will not inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of God
1 Cor 6:9-10, 12-20; Heb 13:4. According to 1 Corinthians 10:8, twenty-three thousand died in one day, because of this grave sin. God condemns any sexual relationship outside of marriage Mt 19:10-12; 1 Cor 7:1-40. The Bible says that it is best for the unmarried and the widows not to marry. But if they cannot control themselves, then they should marry. The apostle Paul was unmarried. I personally do not wish to marry, because of the sexual immorality that exists in the world - especially for the reason that there are many men who have had many different sexual experiences with a myriad of partners. I don't listen to anyone's negative opinions or ideas regarding issues of morality. If they don't do what the holy God says, then they are destroying themselves, and others who foolishly listen to them, in the process. We must never allow the opinions of others to negatively influence and shape our lives. Especially, considering also the fact that there are many who have sexually transmitted diseases. Total abstinence is the best way to live!
* In Revelation 6, grave disease epidemics and global pandemics are represented by the fourth seal - pale horse - the fourth horsemen of apocalypse. AIDS is one of the deadliest diseases of the end times. It is mainly a consequence of fornication and adultery. God condemns sexual immorality, and we are to flee from it! 1 Cor 6:18-20. HIV is a leading cause of death worldwide. Almost 30 million people have died of AIDS-related causes world wide, since the first case was identified in 1981. Today, the number of people living with HIV is 34 million. In 2011, the people newly infected with HIV were 2.5 million; about 1.7 million people died of AIDS; and 430,000 died of HIV-associated TB (HIV is the strongest risk factor for developing active TB disease). In Deuteronomy 28:22, wasting disease is one of the curses for disobedience to God's commandments.  
* In The Guardian, "Britain's most senior medical adviser has warned MPs [Members of Parliament] that the rise in drug-resistant diseases could trigger a national emergency comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack ... Sally Davies, the chief medical officer, said the threat from infections that are resistant to frontline antibiotics was so serious that the issue should be added to the government's national risk register of civil emergencies." ("Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases Pose 'Apocalyptic' Threat, Top Expert Says," Jan 23, 2013). "Drug resistance is emerging in diseases across the board. Sally said 80% of [sexually transmitted disease] gonorrhea was now resistant to the frontline antibiotic tetracycline, and infections were rising in young and middle-aged people." Multi-drug resistant TB [tuberculosis] was also a major threat, she said. 

* The statistics are very alarming. The Time's writer Carol Midgley said that in London, instances of gonorrhea have dramatically increased by 74% in men and 75% in women since 1995. Also, syphilis in men has radically risen by a whopping 211 percent in three years. Chlamydia infection produces few symptoms but is the  foremost cause of infertility and ectopic pregnancies. Since 1955, 87% more women and 120% more men have been diagnosed with chlamydia. "It is thought that one  person in ten is now infected, often without knowing it ... The rise is most virulent among girls 16 to 19, who recorded a 141% rise ... "
Among sexually active teens, there is a one in four probability of picking up a sexually transmitted disease this year. Half of all sexually active young Americans will contract an STD by age 25 (Report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
"In the 1950's there were 2 famous STDs. Today there are over 25 different kinds.
In the U.S. alone, where there are only approximately 28 million teenagers, over three million teens contract an STD annually. STD's and their effects are just as horrible as their names, which include: gonorrhea, syphilis, crabs, warts, chancroid, chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease, human papilloma virus, herpes ... STDs can cause cervical cancer, genital warts, sterility, infertility, and diseases that can be passed on to unborn and new babies." (According to the Book: 'The Six Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make'). Some of the incurable STDs include: AIDS, human papilloma virus and herpes! 
* The curse of internet pornography: "Record numbers of people [in Britain] are downloading pornography from the internet" (Report by 'The Daily Mail'). More than nine million men - almost 40% of the adult male population - logged on to sex websites last year, more than four times as many as the estimated two million in 2,000." (Report by 'The Daily Mail - 2006'). "The number of women downloading internet porn soared 30% to 1.4 million." "In the US alone, 70% of young men log on in search of porn every month" (Report by FT Magazine from the London Financial Times). "When pornography met the internet the result was as instantly addictive as crack cocaine." Carol Sarler of the 'Daily Mail' called the practice a "dismally seedy epidemic." These statistics were reported in 2006. The statistics in 2013 would be much higher.
* Internet pornography and its artificial nature threatens the ability of men and women to sustain normal marriage relationships. For example, the average wife is forced to compete with "porn stars" online. 
* Pornography is responsible in influencing many to commit heinous sexual crimes, including child sexual abuse. In a Canadian study of convicted child molesters, 77% of sexual pervert predators who molested boys, and 87% of sexual pervert predators who molested girls, admitted that they were regular users of hardcore pornography (Report on the Use of Pornography by Sexual Offenders, Report to the Federal Department of Justice, Ottawa, Canada).
* Extramarital affairs are becoming more commonplace. Many men, both married and unmarried, have had sex with prostitutes in the past, or are having sex with prostitutes at the present time.
* Approximately half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, according to Divorce Magazine. The primary reason for divorce is marital unfaithfulness.
* Infidelity.com reports that 57% of American men and 54% of American women admit to committing infidelity in any relationship they have been in. The same site reports that 53% of American marriages end in divorce and that 74% of men and 68% of women say they would have an affair if they knew they would never be caught.
* A major feature article in 'The Sunday Times' revealed that "up to 55 per cent of people have an affair at some time in their lives ... One in 10 men admit to an affair in the past five years ... For men in London the average number of sexual partners over a lifetime has jumped from 12.2 in 1990 to 15.5 in 2000. Statistics about women showed a similar increase." The statistics would be much higher in 2013, especially with the increase of access to pornography on the internet. In the long term, tolerance of such adulterous behavior in a marriage, will only lead to more misery and unhappiness. According to God's Law, the only grounds for divorce is marital unfaithfulness
Mt 19:9. Remarriage is only permitted if the husband dies 1 Cor 7:39.
* A marriage is based on trust. It's extremely difficult to trust a spouse with all the sexual immorality that is happening in the world. Married couples don't know at what point in their marriage, their spouse may commit adultery, and contract an STD, such as AIDS, in the process. It could happen at any moment, and at any time. It would be inconvenient for someone to frequently have an AIDS test. Contracting AIDS and/or other STDs could happen at any point, before or after any tests.
* There is absolutely nothing that can be known about a person's secret past. Your present or future spouse will never disclose that to you. But all forms of sexual immorality are increasing and becoming more rampant, including: fornication (sex outside of marriage), adultery or marital unfaithfulness - swinging (wife swapping), homosexuality, bestiality, incest, prostitution, group sex, and other forms of bizarre, repulsive, perverted and unnatural sex. 
If you are involved in any of these detestable practices, then it is absolutely crucial that you repent! You must turn away from sins! If you are engaged in sexual immorality, you will not inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of God -
1 Cor 6:9-10, and you will reap other serious consequences for your actions, as the scriptures in Jeremiah 2:19; Galatians 6:7-10 state.
If you say that you enjoy the pleasures of sin - consider that the enjoyment of your pleasures of sin last for a season - but the consequences of your sins will last a lifetime!
* Many are suffering disastrous consequences. By visiting pornographic websites, you have everything to lose, and nothing to gain. What will you get out of it? What will you get out of feasting your eyes on those revolting images? Nothing good! In fact, you will get a devastating result! You may be drowning in credit card debt because you are addicted to, desperate for, and obsessed with those pornographic websites. Or you may be suffering/dying from HIV/AIDS (wasting disease), and/or other sexually transmitted diseases (one or more STD's), because you are copying the disgusting sex that you have been viewing on those adult websites; while they say they are doing their "pleasures," and reaping huge profits, at your expense - at the same time. It is harming you, and you are paying them money for the harm that it is causing you. Never copy anyone in the world! Pornography may cost you dearly. In fact, it could cost everything you have - health, jobs, relationships, all your money, including your life! It may lead to addiction, obsession, severe clinical depression, debt and financial loss, marital infidelity, divorce, wasting disease, early death from STD's or even suicide! Prevention is better than cure. Remember what was said earlier, about internet pornography and its artificial nature, and how it destroys marriage relationships? Lust leads to sin, and sin leads to death Jas 1:15. This includes: death of character, honesty, integrity, trust, confidence, self-esteem, enjoyment of a normal and healthy marriage relationship. Also, a probable first physical death from sexually transmitted diseases. And eventually the second death in unquenchable fire! Rev 20:14-15.
* But there IS hope for you, IF you really and truly wish to be set free from your misery! We have a living hope in Jesus Christ! Eph 1:12. We are to be imitators of God Eph 5:1.
(Read Tracts - 'Repent Or Perish!' & 'You Shall Not Commit Adultery!' 'You Can Be Set Free!').
* Note: The majority of Americans claim to be Christian, but on average, their lifestyles have very little contrast from non-Christians, and they experience about as much sexual immorality including: promiscuity, fornication, adultery, indulgence in pornography, and other raunchy choices for entertainment, etc., as the non-religious or non-Christians. Many have an outward, superficial form of religion, and their lifestyles are mostly disconnected from God's Word and teachings of Christ, in the Holy Bible. If you hate pornography websites and whoredom, why aren't you living a holy life, and fleeing sexual sins? Why aren't you praying against sexual immorality? Why aren't you actively involved in signing petitions to ban and illegalize pornography? Why aren't you blocking inappropriate content on the internet? Why not use a filtered ISP? If you love and care for your children, why aren't you protecting them from the pornographic material on the internet, which is so easily accessible? Why are there very few who have character, and are standing up for Biblical principles and values? Why very few are speaking out against those adult websites? Why are many visiting those pornographic websites? Why are there people who speak evil of others, while at the same time, live a life of debauchery and sexual immorality? Why are there few churches who are preaching the truth of God's Word? God commands those who are not fleeing from fornication and other sexual sins to repent! Jesus said "Repent Or Perish!" Lk 13:3; 1 Cor 6:18-20.

Please sign and view the petitions to ban and illegalize pornographic content in the USA and Internationally at: Go Petition
For a list of content filtered ISP's, filtering software and image/flash/pop-up blockers to download: WebLinks
Why you can kiss the US economy goodbye

The results are in. The picture is grim. Here are some frightening economic numbers to think about the next time the lying, manipulating, mainstream media tells you that we are in “recovery.”

First, almost 50% of Americans have less than $500 in savings. Not surprisingly 1 out of 3 residents of Obama’s home state of Illinois live in poverty. A mind numbing 4 of 5 Americans are either experiencing poverty, foreclosure or welfare, or will in their lifetime. Four out of five.Say goodbye to the myth of the American Dream. It’s only a nightmare now.

Ditto for the American middle class. Obama has massacred them. Our middle class now ranks 27thin the world. 

I’ve argued from day one that Obama’s goal was to create a two class society. The two classes are the super-rich (who are beholden to Obama for corporate welfare, bailouts, and government contracts), and the poor (who are beholden to Obama for checks to survive). Look no further than the new immigration bill to see the final destruction of middle class wages.

More grim news just in: Auto sales are collapsing. Construction jobs are falling off a cliff. And U.S. factory orders just suffered the biggest drop in a year.

What about jobs? Isn’t that picture getting rosier by the minute? 

Well actually, no. Let’s analyze the REAL numbers: Since the start of 2013 we’ve gained 953,000 jobs, but amazingly 731,000 of them are crummy low-wage part time jobs. That means almost 80% of the jobs created in Obama's America are part-time jobs that won’t pay the bills of an average middle class lifestyle.

High quality jobs under Obama they are losing out by 10 to 1 versus crummy low-paying jobs. Facts don’t lie: So far this year over 246,000 low-paying waiter or bartender jobs have been added to the U.S. economy, versus only 24,000 high-paying manufacturing jobs.

How bad is it? Well here’s a Hall of Fame Triple Play:

The Obama administration just hired a company to promote ObamaCare over the phone to Americans -- guess what? Even those jobs are part-time, with no health insurance!

The head of the IRS just testified in front of Congress that he’d rather keep his own health insurance, rather than switch to ObamaCare. The IRS is in charge of ObamaCare, and even they don’t want any part of it.

And, the second biggest employer in America is now a temp agency! 

Good luck looking for a quality job in this Obama economy.

Still not convinced? 

Food stamp rolls are growing seventy-five times as fast as employment. The national debt has increased by 50% under Barack Obama. Obama promised to reduce health insurance bills for an average American family by $2,500 per year, instead your health bills went up by $3,000 per year. 

Meanwhile, labor participation by men is at the lowest rate ever measured – since they started tracking it in 1948. And here’s the clincher: 90 million able-bodied, working-age Americans are not working.

And if you think help is on the way, I've got a bridge to sell you ... in Detroit. The biggest American city to ever go bankrupt, Detroit, has been run by Democrats since 1962. That's over half a century of 100% Democrat rule, using the exact same policies as Obama. 

The city is now in ruins. Detroit leads the nation in illiteracy, welfare, food stamps, violent crime, murder, abandoned properties, and broken street lights.

The city of Detroit’s downfall is built around four core ideas: never-ending entitlement spending, the most government employees per capita of any city in America, monstrous debt, and the highest property taxes in America. 

But wait, isn’t that Obama’s exact prescription for the nation? High taxes, more spending, more debt, and more government employees. Bingo. Help isn’t coming folks. The cavalry isn’t riding in to save us. They are coming to destroy us.

Detroit is certainly the future of America under Obama. It’s the exact same policies. We are experiencing Groundhog Day -- doing the same stupid things, and expecting a different result.

One last morsel of food for thought: The EU is in the middle of a Great Depression. Countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece and Cyprus face total disaster. Their economies are ruined for generations to come. 

Yet America under Obama now has more debt than every country in the European Union-combined. Our country has more government debt than any country in the history of the world.

Say goodbye to the U.S. economy. It’s been nice while it lasted.

By Wayne Allyn Root - Published August 5th, 2013.


Eight new cities on the verge of bankruptcy:

Regarding US Dollar

30 All-Time Weather Records In 30 Months

Weather catastrophes, including: severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, rainstorms, flash floods, monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are prophesied in the Bible, and will occur with greater speed, intensity and frequency, as we approach the end of this age Ezekiel 5:16; Revelation 8:4-12. God will unleash the awesome forces of nature upon a rebellious world, to greatly chastise and humble man, and bring the nations to repentance. Weather is a primary tool that God uses to warn the nations to repent Isaiah 2:6-22; Isaiah 45:22-25. Read Tracts - God Controls The Weather & Heavenly Signs: Introduce The Day Of The Lord! But there is hope, after God unleashes His furious wrath upon a fallen world. God promises that He will "heal the land" when all people will obey God's Commandments at Christ's return, when He establishes His Kingdom and restores His government on this earth 2 Chronicles 7:13-14; Revelation 20:5.

1) Thailand - heavy monsoons - 657 lives - damaged 4 million structures - costing Thailand $45 billion (18% of GDP).
2) Rain causes $30 billion of damage in Australia's most expensive natural disaster in history.
3) Colombia - heavy rains - killed 116 people - cost recorded $6 billion.
4) Flash flood - killing 902 - Brazil's deadliest natural disaster.
5) May - The lower Mississippi's greatest flood in history.
6) East African drought - costliest - weather-related natural disaster on record for Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.
7) Famine - killed 30K children, under the age of 5 in Somalia alone.
8) Driest one-year period in Texas history.
9) Highest December 25th - South Pole temperature - 9.9 Fahrenheit/12.28 Celsius.
10) Cambodia killer flooding - death toll 250, damage $521m.
11) Sri Lanka severe flooding - killed 43, damage $500m.  

Billion Dollar Weather Disasters of 2011 - Table by Meteorologist Jeff Masters, co-founder of Weather Underground.

1) Hottest U.S. year on record.
2) October - Spanning 943 miles/1517.6 km - hurricane Sandy largest in known history. Surge height 13.88 feet.
3) November-December - Super typhoon bopha - 1.04 billion - 1901 people dead or missing - 700,000 homeless.
4) Largest single drought disaster declaration in history - 1,016 counties in 26 U.S. States.  
5) Driest - Nebraska year since record keeping started.
6) September 16 - Arctic sea ice extent - fell to all time low 1.32 million square miles.
7) Death Valley, California - June 30th - Hottest June temperature ever recorded on earth - 129 Fahrenheit/53.89 Celsius.
8) Record 165 acres - per fire charring 9.2 million acres in the U.S. 
9) January 13th - Anchorage, Alaska, record snowfall - 81.3 inches/206.50 cm

Summer - Worst U.S. Fire Season 
1) May 20 - Largest and most damaging tornado outbreak in known world history.
551 - record number of tornado fatalities in one season.
358 tornadoes in 72 hours - largest and most dangerous tornado outbreak. 
2) May 20 - Moore Oklahoma - 2.5 miles/4.02 km - widest tornado in history. Killed 24 people in Moore, Oklahoma - Injured more than 270 others.
3) March - All-time record snowfall - 1,100+ flights cancelled at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.
4) 100K evacuated from Calgary flooding.
5) June 25 - Singapore's first hailstorm in history.
6) June - Colorado's deadliest wildfire
7) June - Central European flooding - $16 billion in damage.
8) June - Villages washed away - In record monsoon flooding - 22.36 inches of rain in two days - 5,700 people were killed.
9) June - Switzerland - Unprecedented storm winds - 130 mph/209.21 kph. 
10) June - Calgary flooding - 100K evacuated.
California's 'Record' Drought - The Worst Drought In The History Of California Is Happening Right Now - The Facts!

* For the first time since the year 2000, according to a Public Policy Institute of California Survey, the top environmental concern among Californians is water, not air pollution. California has less than two years of water remaining, at the current consumption rate.
* After three consecutive years of below-normal rainfall, California is now experiencing its most severe drought ever recorded. This is a severe drought emergency. Governor Jerry Brown has called for Californians to reduce water use by 20 percent voluntarily, and mandatory rationing could be ordered soon so that homes, businesses and farms don’t run dry over the summer. Wildfire danger is unusually high.
* It took only three years to go from no drought to 85% of the state plagued by "extreme" or "exceptional" drought - the most severe levels used by the National Drought Mitigation Center.
* According to NASA, in 119 years (since the start of record-keeping in 1895), 2013 was the driest year for California, and the drought has only worsened in 2014. 
* California’s drought has been serious for some time. In May, the U.S. Drought Monitor showed that “severe drought” — the level just below “exceptional” — officially covered every inch of the state, setting up “unprecedented” fire conditions in several areas. The extreme drought and heat have depleted reservoirs and even aquifers, increasing the state’s chance of earthquakes, a recent Nature Study found.


According to U.S. Drought Monitor's weekly report, "Exceptional Drought" conditions have spread to a large section of Northern California.

From the US Drought Monitor Author:

"Increasingly, drought indicators point to the fact that conditions are not appreciably better in northern California than in central and southern sections of the state. In addition, mounting evidence from reservoir levels, river gauges, ground water observations, and socio-economic impacts warrant a further expansion of exceptional drought (D4) into northern California. For California's 154 intrastate reservoirs, storage at the end of June stood at 60% of the historical average. Although this is not a record for this time of year-the standard remains 41% of average on June 30, 1977-storage has fallen to 17.3 million acre-feet. As a result, California is short more than one year's worth of reservoir water, or 11.6 million acre-feet, for this time of year. The historical average warm-season drawdown of California's 154 reservoirs totals 8.2 million acre-feet, but usage during the first 2 years of the drought, in 2012 and 2013, averaged 11.5 million acre-feet.

"Given the 3-year duration of the drought, California's topsoil moisture (80% very short to short) and subsoil moisture (85%) reserves are nearly depleted. The state's rangeland and pastures were rated 70% very poor to poor on July 27. USDA reported that "range and non-irrigated pasture conditions continued to deteriorate" and that "supplemental feeding of hay and nutrients continued as range quality declined." In recent days, new wildfires have collectively charred several thousand acres of vegetation in northern and central California. The destructive Sand fire, north of Plymouth, California-now largely contained-burned more than 4,000 acres and consumed 66 structures, including 19 residences."

State Water Board chair Felicia Marcus, a drought emergency has been proclaimed in the State of California. Could you elaborate on the significance of such declarations?

We’re in the worst drought emergency we’ve seen in over 100 years—as long as we’ve been recording. Technically we’ve had two years (1924 and 1977) with slightly less rain and snow since the beginning of the last century, but the impact now is far greater. We have millions more people. We have far more agricultural production dependent on the same drop of water, in part because agricultural efficiency allows us to grow more crops with the same amount of water. We also have many more endangered fish and wildlife species that no longer have the resilience to get through a drought. 

In this third dry drought year, it’s dire in many areas of the state. We’ve got over 400,000 acres of fallowed fields. There are citrus trees dying, particularly in areas that don’t have groundwater resources to fall back on. About 10 percent of agricultural production is out of service in the Central Valley, with a devastating human and economic impact. Thousands of people are out of work, having food boxes delivered to them through emergency services. Communities are running out of water. In fact, the state—through the Office of Emergency Services and the Drinking Water Program—is getting water trucks out to communities that are running out of water, or funding new wells or pipelines. Some communities are running water lines to other communities to help out. We’ve got people who are down to a minimal amount of water and are bathing out of buckets. It’s a serious situation.

Most Religious and Atheist countries in the world

Global Index of Religion and Atheism Press Release

* The most religious countries in Europe are Romania and Macedonia.
* This poll was based on interviews with more than 50,000 men and women, selected from 57 countries around the world, in 5 continents. 
* There are about 196 countries in the world.

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